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Welcome to Core GameKit, an advanced multi-purpose toolkit for many types of games! Core GameKit takes advantage of the latest and greatest Unity features such as Addressables, Fast Play Mode and more!

This page contains links to all pages of the Core GameKit online documentation. The programming API can be found here.
Also, please take a few minutes to check out the included 5 or so Example Scenes in Assets\Plugins\DarkTonic\CoreGameKit\ExampleScenes for examples of a lot of concepts.

Quick Starts


Complete Documentation

  • Welcome Window: Make sure to enable features you need first, such as physics!
  • Level Wave Settings: The main Game Object of Core GameKit where you configure Global Waves and Custom Events, & create Spawners and Prefab Pools.
  • Spawner Types: There are 2 different types of Spawners.
    • Syncro Spawners: This type of Spawner is "synchro"-nized because your Global Waves fire off Waves from multiple of these at the same time, if you need it.
    • Triggered Spawners: Triggered Spawners do not care about Global Waves, but fire off Waves from Custom Events or dozens of MonoBehaviour events. Can also use an Activation Track in Timeline to trigger a wave.
      • Child Spawners: You can set up Child Spawners of Triggered Spawners and propagate events from parent to child and other multi-positional spawning.
  • Despawners: Despawn things with no fuss and no code.
  • Pool Boss: Everything is pooled so it's fast and smooth. Do it here with the best pooler!
    • Poolable Info: A script you can put on in-Scene Game Objects so it's already pooled.
    • Prefab Selection: Utilize shortcuts in the Inspector to select your pooled assets.
  • Pool Mini-Boss: This is like a "mini" Pool Boss. You can use it to add temporary Pool Boss items and cateogories.
  • Prefab Pools: Create groups of weighted randomized prefabs easily.
  • Killables: The ultimate combat / prefab replacement Component. Does quite a lot.
  • World Variables: Can be simple things like score, but can also be used to control every aspect of your Spawners and other Core GameKit functionality.
  • Custom Events: Infinitely flexible, these are worth reading about to use to their full potential, most of which doesn't require coding.
  • Listeners: Use Listeners to customize every aspect of Core GameKit with a few lines of code.
  • Miscellaneous Other Scripts: Some utility scripts you may find useful.
  • Integrations: Other plugins have integration with Core GameKit.
  • Assembly Definitions: Optional to install, read how here.