Quick Start: Overview

So what does all this stuff do? Here's a quick rundown of the major features of Core GameKit.

  1. You can set up Global Waves. A Global Wave is simply a setting of time or "elimination" (meaning everything spawned must be killed to proceed) that has one or more Spawners spawning things.
  3. Each Spawner has their own Wave Settings for whichever Global Waves you want, including a wide variety of randomization and custom options.
  4. Instead of spawning a single prefab from each Spawner, you can use Prefab Pools, which are groups of weighted prefabs, so you can have some prefabs that spawn more often than others.
  5. There are also Triggered Spawners, which can spawn Waves based on a few dozen MonoBehaviour events, Core GameKit events and other things.
  6. You can use World Variables for things like Score, Experience Points, and also unseen things like settings for Waves and Killables. Because every setting in Core GameKit that is a number can take the current value of a World Variable instead of hard-coded number.
  7. You can use Killables for automatic combat, including Hit Points / Attack Points, prefab replacement, knockback, respawning logic and World Variable modifications from damage and dying.
  8. You can use Pool Boss to pool every single prefab so you have rock-solid & smooth performance on all platforms. Pool Mini-Boss is like a mini Pool Boss for temporary prefabs.
  9. You can use Custom Events to spawn Waves, notify receivers within a certain or a random subset. These are infinitely flexible.

Now go click through the links you are most interested in, or watch some videos on about Core GameKit, or click through the Table Of Contents on all of it if you prefer.


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