Welcome Window

The Welcome Window appears when you first install Core GameKit. It contains links to resources / tutorials / support and more. If you need to open it after you've disabled the auto-popup, it's on the Unity editor menu at Windows -> Core GameKit -> Welcome Window.

The main thing you will want to do here is click the checkboxes for optional packages if you are using them, to enable extra features in Core GameKit. And then uncheck the "Show at start" checkbox. Checking or unchecking will cause re-compilation. The options are:
  • 2D Physics: Used for combat in Killable and Triggered Spawner V2 events based on 2D and other minor scripts.
  • 3D Physics: Used for combat in Killable, and Triggered Spawner V2 events based on 3D and other minor scripts.
  • Addressables: Enable Pool Boss to use Addressables as well as referenced prefabs.
  • Master Audio: Used to enable Master Audio integration, so you can chose to play Sound Groups during dozens of CGK events. The full list of events is here, and documentation page for each script also lists the sounds for it.